Hiring a Security Agency

You have a wedding or you are hosting a big-name personality at a charity event and you discover you need security coverage.  How do you proceed?  Do you crack open the phone book or do an internet search on the word “security”?  What questions do you need to ask?  Aren’t all security agencies the same?

The answer is: Finding a professional security agency that has the experience and staff to fit your needs can be easy – if you know where to look.  Let’s start here…


This page will enable you to search for security companies by City or Zip Code, along with the “company type”.  Utilizing the “company type” field will first show you that there are at least a dozen different company types that are regulated by TX DPS.  You can select the company type and filter out possibilities such as “Armored Car Service”, if that is not what you are looking for.

Searching on companies within the area of your event or location will also prove more cost-effective.  There are some premiere security companies whose officers will travel but, the chances are that there are premiere security companies within reasonable range that won’t charge you for travel related expenses.

Notice that I mentioned that companies are (or at least should be) regulated by the Department of Public Safety.  Why is that important?  Why can’t I just hire a big bruiser and put him at the door of my party with a t-shirt that reads “SECURITY” on the back?

First of all, you would be breaking the law.  Security services are regulated for many reasons.  Some of those reasons include:

  • criminal background checks
  • liability insurance coverage requirements
  • proper training on the laws that relate to the practice of private security
  • proper training on use-of-force to reduce your liability

Licensed private security companies staff professional officers to look after the interests of their client(s) within the confines of the law and with careful consideration to your exposure to litigation.  A licensed security agency is also required by law to maintain a significant insurance policy to help cover you in the event things go bad for your event or for your clients.  Going “cheap” on security services is very often not in your best interest.

It also pays to request references and/or check with the Private Security Bureau to see if there have been any complaints against the company.  While these efforts cannot give a full account of the character of that company and its officers, it may show you if there are any significant issues that would steer you to another company.  Further, ask to see if you can view the officers or staff in action.  Find out where they are working and see them interact with people.  Nothing looks worse than a staff of uniformed security officers with bad attitudes and an over-inflated sense of authority.  Security agencies should staff friendly, courteous and professional individuals who have a desire to help people when needed.  That is a significant part of our job, after all: To serve and to protect.

Spending a little time and research on the security agency and/or personnel you hire can give you so much more than a simple “presence”; it can give you a piece of mind so you can worry about the other aspects of your event, business and property.

Contact us to get a free security analysis.  Patriot Elite Security Services, LLC is a licensed (B-19536) and professional option for all your security needs.


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